Afra Mahmood


Assalamualaikum Parents!

Important Reminder:

The end-of-year, final exam will be administered on Sunday, April 15th. Below, I have included a list of topics/a study guide that you should review with your child throughout this week. I am certain that each student will excel on their exam if they study the outlined material below! As always, please reach out if you have any questions/concerns regarding the exam.

Islamic Studies: Exam Study Guide

Students will be tested on:

  1. Quran Lesson 3, pg. 20
  2. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Lesson 4, pg. 25
  3. The Five Pillars of Islam Lesson 6 – 11, pg. 34 – 62
  4. Wudu Lesson 12, pg. 65
  5. Prophets Ibrahim (AS), Yaqub (AS) and Yusuf (AS), Must (AS), Yunus (AS) Lesson 14 – 17, pg. 74 – 91
  6. Angels Lesson 18, pg. 94
  7. Foods that We May Eat, Truthfulness, Kindness Lesson 19 – 21, pg. 99 – 111


Quran: Exam Study Guide 

The final exam will be an oral exam. Students should be able to read and recognize words covered in Lessons 1 – 14. This includes:

Fatha, Kasrah, Dammah, +Tanween, Sukoon, Shaddah, Short Vowels, and Long Vowels

I have embedded Lesson 13 and Lesson 14 “Al-Noorania” videos below. The concepts highlighted above are covered in these two lessons, so please make sure your child follows along with the video and is able to read through each word fluently.



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