Malik Elhindi

Islamic Studies Homework:

Our Test will cover the following material:

The Five Pillars of Islam. (Parents, please talk about these with your children if you haven’t done so already)

The life of the Prophet Muhammad before he receives revelation.

The Prophets Ayoub, Yunus, Salih, Isa, and Musa.

Quran Homework:


I fully expect everyone in this age group to be reading on a very consistent basis (weekly, preferably biweekly) from the Qur’an. Parents, please read with your children. At the very least use Friday to read surat al Kahf with your children. A lot of words are used in surat al Kahf that can help improve your child’s muscle memory when they read the rest of the Qur’an.

Our Test will include the following: reading and dictation.

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